7 tips for successful betting on football

Thinking about how to bet on football and make a profit? The new year will begin very soon, so the time has come for us to you steered in the right direction. In today’s article will introduce you to 7 tips for successful betting on football.

Betting on football is very popular, which is both good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, thanks to the great popularity, you can bet on lower competition, but it also means that all betting events are under scrutiny bettors and bookmakers, so it is not easy to find value.

Betting on football but in any case goes earn. It just depends on how clever you are betting on this great sport approach. But now let’s look at these seven tips:

1) You must be familiar with the league, which bet

Each league is different. If we compare, for example, the five biggest football leagues in the world, we find that in the Bundesliga match on average falls more goals than in the French Ligue first same is true for the English Premier League – here falls per game on average more goals than in the French league.

In the leagues of course, constantly changing players and coaches, but the overall characteristics of the league has changed only minimally (eg, within five years, if we are talking about a long period of time, it is clear that changes will be significant).

2) Try to specialize on less popular leagues

As we mentioned in the introduction, major football leagues are under scrutiny bettors and bookmakers, so there will be much more difficult to find value in less than popular leagues. If you are betting you have some experience, you can try to start (at least partially) focus on less known leagues and lower competition.

Nowadays, the Internet is full of all sorts of information, so do not worry that you have suffered from a lack of statistical data and information of various types. Clever betting on a lower (or less universally known) league can achieve a decent profit. It should be borne in mind that the money won by betting on the second Swedish league has the same value as money won by betting on the English Premier League.
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3) Pay attention to changes

Vintage Football League is not a sprint, but a long marathon. A new year is a continuation of the old one, but a separate unit, as many teams there are major personnel changes (players, coaches), setting out new goals and so forth. Most clubs will pass through too many changes that you can afford not to adapt to the new situation.

It is good practice, at the beginning of the new year to put together the statistical data and then create a comprehensive predictions according to the information obtained. His betting strategy, but of course you have during the year constantly adjust and customize the newly created situations.

4) also plays a big role motivation

Especially at the end of the year, the game enters another factor – motivation. For some teams actually win means more than others. A instance a team that is trying to avoid relegation, the team will definitely give more energy than it gave to the struggle that took place sometime in mid-November. This is much in evidence especially in Italy or in the Premier League.

The fight for the title is then completely separate topic. Players emptied out even one duel and winner of the match between the “giants” of the leagues decide the smallest details.

5) Do not forget to evaluate form

Series games won on paper looks good, but experienced punters always first thoroughly finds against teams which the team played. Series wins against teams that crouches at the bottom of the table, still does not have much value. But if the team recorded a series of wins against strong opponents, it is an important factor.

6) Find the best odds

This rule applies not only to betting on football, but on the overall betting. Nowadays there are plenty of bookmakers, so that the entire industry is highly competitive. However, this is good for bettors, as bookmakers are fighting among themselves logically so that punters offering the best odds and a wide range of exciting bonuses.

So if you are betting with bookmakers which offer good courses, preparing themselves for money. Best take advantage of the situation so that you establish accounts with several bookmakers, especially recommended Sportingbet, Unibet and William Hill, since those sázkovky generally offer very competitive rates and a lot of bonuses.

In practice, we always look to sázkovka offers the best odds for the game to which you want to bet, and here the subsequently bet. The same applies to betting bonuses – the more accounts you have at various sázkovek, the more you will benefit from a number of bonuses and maximize your profit.

7) Bet wisely

Again, another point that applies to gambling in general. If you’re the type of bettor who bets every week a few pennies on a weekend football game, so they probably will not heed that advice, but if access to gambling seriously and want to earn money on it, this point is crucial.

Do not bet on unnecessarily every betting opportunity. Nowadays you have available daily virtually hundreds of betting opportunities, so if the menu sázkovek do not see any interesting match, simply take a short break and come back tomorrow. Bet at any cost makes no sense.

Beware, you should have if they are listed on the match too good courses. In this case, it is possible that the bookies have some information that you do not (and which also varies significantly predictions about the outcome of the match – a key player injuries, for example). In the best case, the bookies simply made a mistake, because even though they have a variety of algorithms, they are still just people. And people make mistakes – which is good for you.

How big are the bankroll betting limits? – Part Two

4) Weekly income

This method works with a weekly income from your job and various other investments. Again, therefore, the actual figures are highly individualized. Generally, with this method, the 1 year, you should define the amount that equals your income in 1-4 weeks.

If your weekly earnings, for example, CZK 8,000 (which is 416,000 per year), betting during the next 52 weeks, you should define CZK 8,000 to CZK 32,000. If you earn per week, for example, CZK 15,000, then during the next 52 weeks betting you can work with a sum in the range of 15,000 to 60,000 CZK CZK.

Multiplying member is highly individual – it depends on what level of risk you prefer. We strongly suggest that you have to define just betting money that you can afford to lose.

5) The total wealth

The last method relates to the overall wealth of a person. The size of your bankroll is therefore a certain% of total assets. Our example uses a sum in the range 2.5-10%. Of course, the higher the percentage will operate more experienced punters. Beginners need more betting touch and work to increase their success, so it is undesirable to because of excessive risk-taking sum received under stress.

If your total assets of CZK 500,000, for example, betting on you in case the lowest rate (2.5%) had to define 12.500 CZK.

If your total assets, for example, one million CZK, betting on you if the highest rate (10%) had to define CZK 100,000.

Some of the figures quoted in the examples may seem too big – it goes without saying that every person can define betting on a different amount. Over time you will find that gambling is as an investment. You gamble do so to achieve a profit. If you are planting them constantly learn and observe various strategic rules, you can earn through this action and maybe even feed her.

This lesson was quite long, but the reason is clear – the observance of Management bankroll is really a fundamental building block for success. This applies to betting, you should specify only that much money, you can afford to lose (your goal is, of course, profit, however rational bettor always prefer counts with a bad scenario) – “Hope for the best, count the worst.”