How big are the bankroll betting limits? – Part Two

4) Weekly income

This method works with a weekly income from your job and various other investments. Again, therefore, the actual figures are highly individualized. Generally, with this method, the 1 year, you should define the amount that equals your income in 1-4 weeks.

If your weekly earnings, for example, CZK 8,000 (which is 416,000 per year), betting during the next 52 weeks, you should define CZK 8,000 to CZK 32,000. If you earn per week, for example, CZK 15,000, then during the next 52 weeks betting you can work with a sum in the range of 15,000 to 60,000 CZK CZK.

Multiplying member is highly individual – it depends on what level of risk you prefer. We strongly suggest that you have to define just betting money that you can afford to lose.

5) The total wealth

The last method relates to the overall wealth of a person. The size of your bankroll is therefore a certain% of total assets. Our example uses a sum in the range 2.5-10%. Of course, the higher the percentage will operate more experienced punters. Beginners need more betting touch and work to increase their success, so it is undesirable to because of excessive risk-taking sum received under stress.

If your total assets of CZK 500,000, for example, betting on you in case the lowest rate (2.5%) had to define 12.500 CZK.

If your total assets, for example, one million CZK, betting on you if the highest rate (10%) had to define CZK 100,000.

Some of the figures quoted in the examples may seem too big – it goes without saying that every person can define betting on a different amount. Over time you will find that gambling is as an investment. You gamble do so to achieve a profit. If you are planting them constantly learn and observe various strategic rules, you can earn through this action and maybe even feed her.

This lesson was quite long, but the reason is clear – the observance of Management bankroll is really a fundamental building block for success. This applies to betting, you should specify only that much money, you can afford to lose (your goal is, of course, profit, however rational bettor always prefer counts with a bad scenario) – “Hope for the best, count the worst.”